Making stuff

This weekend I was inspired to make my own yogurt and bread. Both turned out pretty good!

Making yogurt with the Instapot was easy, but it took 10 hours from start to finish. Yes, milk was spilled. No, I didn't cry over it.

I used the leftover whey juices from the yogurt to make an oatmeal flax bread. I used this recipe with two changes to pretend it's healthy: 1) added 2 tablespoons of flax and 2) used rolled oats instead of quick oats.

Guest Blog Post

A South African Blogger, Nicole Botes, invited us to guest blog! Check out our guide for how good friends should support their friends dealing with infertility. 

No buts....just coconuts!

It all started with a deal I couldn't walk away from: 2 coconuts for $1. I've never dealt with fresh coconut before, but I figured it was worth a shot.

I probably should have looked up how to cut a coconut, but I winged it. I'm glad my roomies convinced me to use a) use a hammer and 2) do it on the concrete (instead of a cleaver on a cutting board on the counter).

From 1 coconut, I shredded the flesh and made mango sticky rice(and steamed it in my pressure cooker, obviously). If you don't want to do the whole soak-the-rice-and-then-steam thing, here's an easy stove top alternative.

I toasted the leftover shredded coconut and made chocolate-coconut rice krispy treats.

From the other coconut, I made coconut milk and use the pulp to make coconut flour.

To make the milk, I blended the flesh with water, sifted it through a cheese cloth, and squeezed the bejesus out it. To make the flour, I baked the leftover pulp and then put that baby in a food processor.

And THEN I u…

Interviewed by IVF Babble

Check out this interview about our book by IVFbabble, an online fertility magazine!

The Audiobook is here!

We just launched an audiobook of Down the F'n Tubes, narrated by our talented friend Kelly Grimmett Benjamin and produced by her husband Troy Benjamin.

🎧 If you've never tried Audible before, you can get a month trial for free! It comes with a free book.

So go ahead, have a listen. It's 11 minutes of silky-smooth listening. 👂